Unno Ernest

I have always had the passion to shoot to kill the moving images every time I handle a camera. So I started hanging out with a few self-employed videographers hence I could gain experience.Something which became a success after a period, but still something was lacking. I felt I was missing something somehow, but I wasn’t guaranteed with that fact because I had the ability to video something of a standard quality, so I opted moving on with it.



Until I met Lawilink.

A media organization that made me realize i was lacking a lot and far from being professional in my career. So i followed its footsteps, learning more each day with the help of Zac, a CEO of the company who extremely transformed my experience.

Let me introduce myself.

I’m called Unno Ernest, a guy whose satisfaction lies behind the amazing magic of cameras so as a matter of facts? I am a videographer and I’m proud.

My journey as an expert camera man was born in the year 2016 with Lawilink, led by Zac who happens to be the founder of this organisation. His purpose on coming down to Malawi was to train young people in the works of computers, cameras and to become successful entrepreneurs. So, with him i learned a lot including video editing, something of a great impact to my career so i can proudly say i am a part of

Lawilink achievements.

We had a great team, working together in changing lives as we continued learning in the process. Hence, we were able to produce a series of documentaries like “The nsanje floods and The Hunger Crisis” just to mention a few. As a camera man, I needed a platform that will expose to me in the videography and connect me to the people in it, and Lawilink provided me with that chance. Hence i have had the privilege to work with a few local celebrities of the warm-hearted Malawi. That means it has been such an incredible journey to be the person i am today, with Lawilink contributing to something 80% of my career.

“Ernest out of all the people I worked with stood out. Within little time Ernest had become the Managing Editor for all the Lawilink video content. Ernest also created and managed his own production and video units, Ernest learned fast even teaching me a thing or two.

As a director his style and attention for detail is unique with a colour that can shape your soul. They is no doubt in my mind that without Ernest Lawilink and Zimlink would not be the organisations they are today.

Ernest fuelled the vision of Lawilink and made it his own, at every event I speak at or any lecture I give I always reference Ernest and show the work He and his team produced. I regard Ernest as a fellow colleague, HARD WORKING, intelligent and honourable.

Ernest is the most talented Editor and Director I have ever worked with. Thank you Ernest   “                                         Zac Darkes CEO Founder

I own a company today, and i am doing fine.

My handwork is the talk of those who has witnessed it, and they pay me for it without complaining.

It hasn’t been easy, but it hasn’t been so hard either because i have been training and working under a professional CEO who has spent almost his entire life handling cameras and making videos.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so I went one step at a time to change my story.

So once again, I am Unno Ernest, I am a videographer and I am proud.


Lawilink block

By:Victor Nthambi


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