Pretty Eyes by Mcpotar


She has beautiful eyes like prints on butterfly wings,
Writes poetry and sings; beauty chosen by Kings,
Caramel skin tone; pink lipstick and black mascara,
Plays tennis like Serena but her curves Ciara,
Her voice melodious and sweet but she’s not Amara (Brown),
Brown hair; inflated bust, complementing is a must,
She’s a gift like a present; I know less about her past,
But I could guess right she had many admirers in class,
Beautiful eyes met with theirs; oh my gosh’ made ’em blush,
The same way they give me this adrenalin rush,
The same eyes connect and influence much,
Like being up at 2AM keeping in touch,
Through a poem on my blog just look at your watch,
Watch the poet script an odeat Lunch,
Breakfast, Midnight or any time of the day,
As long as those eyes never going away.

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