Life In Reality Vs. Internet – Poem by @Mcpotar


Sometimes Facebook is a fake-book,

With written lies that lie between the lines,

That we read daily online and assign,

Images to people that don’t live what they post,

Posting pictures with cars but don’t have what they post,

Pictures of drink ups and braai’s where they roast,

Girl’s photos at angles that get likes the most,

When you meet her in person she looks like a ghost,

Or she’s a ghost because she doesn’t exist,

Fake accounts made by rap artistes to share their beats,

Reverb is a nation where everyone seems to spit,

Many fight for space, try’na drop the next hit,

But you have to soundloud on Hulkshare or soundcloud,

I sound proud when I check my statistics,

Instagram girls sharing pictures with lipstick,

After my wifi comes on and my browser gets to pick it,

Attention; I admit I’m one of the ones who seek it,

I want to be heard by Kenyans, Shona’s, Ndebele’s and British,

So they can download my poetry on equality,

From the internet but use it in reality.


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