Sorrow (Poem) by Vimbai Lole


The beautiful Vimbai lole has once again blessed us with a great piece. Even though this one seems to be on a sad note. Enjoy reading the poem and feel free to use our share buttons to share it to your friends. part of our mission is to promote literacy that’s why we have a poetry section.

Sorrow is a place,
been there too often.
Sorrow is a time,
its clock hands have anthritis.
Sorrow is a scar,
snail gel wont make it disappear.
Sorrow is an addiction,
I need rehabilitation.
Sorrow is a person.
I know he stalks me all the time,
I see his shadow lurking in the dark corners.
I hear him slurpin’ and suppin’ at my tears.
I feel him feeding off my happiness.
Sorrow the person.
It’s strange that I miss him.
That I find inexplicable comfort in his presence.
Sorrow the person.
His place is everywhere,
because he travels through time.
He gave me this scar and I am addicted to its ugliness!

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