I Am Woman by Anna T Gowera


Beautiful Anna has graced us with yet another beautiful poem. She is working on a short story book so be on the look out…


Shyly, in innocence, my first bud sprung,

Soon to discern

Who they said was I.

Quick to water with words were they,

Onto which, for dear life,

I strictly hung…

Whispers hoarse

Behind doors closed,

Thus my schooling begun:

“I am Woman;

The crumbling of man.

I am rug;

Nose-wipe for some wicked thug.

I am Old-And-Shoddy-Rag

On which thine vile desires

Thou art to drag.

I am Weak,

Worth no more

Than a broken stick.

All that is about me is dreary and bleak.

I am one on whom to look

With malice,

With guile;

To be abhorred- that is I.”

I drank in the teaching;

Lapped the produce of their tongues.

Biting off large chunks

Of their verbal utterance,

I swallowed them whole.

I withered as I grew

And knew not what to do…

“I am Scorn;

Away from me must the light be shone!

I am Harlot, I am Shame;

Behold my body with great disdain.

I am Insect

Waiting in ready beneath your thumb

I am Woman;

I have no name.”

I listened, I heard,

‘Till, with bloated head,

I did want hear no more.

Something was changing;

My rose was in bloom,

And to contain it within me

I had no more room!

Now my song is different,

Listen and hear

Behold ye and see

The breaking of dawn:

“I am Speech,

Sturdy and strong;

Invoking within you

Emotions long gone.

I am Grace,

A waltz in my walk;

Your mouth agape

Yet not do you talk.

I am Strength;

Your helper, but not your slave.

I am one who came

From The One Who Is.

I am Vigour, I am Skip;

Passion seeps

From succulent lips.

I am Jewel, I am Beam;

Superior in poise,

Entrancing in gait.

I am Shout,

Heed the awakening noise!

I am Rage;

Do you dare to spoil my page?

I am Fountain,

Splashing; soothing…

I am earthquake-

Disturbing in my wake!

I am alive,

I see that I am.

Not as I was,

But now I subsist.

I am Phenomenon. I am Beauty.

I am Woman.

I am Soul.”

I am. I am Woman.

©Anna T. D. Gowera

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