Waiting For Change


After standing in a long queue that seemed slower than trying to stream YouTube in Zimbabwe on a Monday. I finally got to the till.

The girl operating it was frowning as if frustrated. “Ndoda vane ma dollar,” (“I want those with dollar notes”) she said out loud. Not sure what she meant… bet she meant loose notes, because someone with $100 has one hundred dollars. So alright I got there and my toothpaste and toothbrush cost me $1.80 and I gave her $2.

She punched in everything then picked out a bunch of lollipops in a small tin. I was like…”Hold your hoses… I don’t want sweets. Are you trying to reverse what am buying toothpaste for?”

She said “Hatina change…” (“We don’t have change”)… Sure they didn’t have change, but the other change they need is in their way of doing things. Why would you take the sweets and add them to my bill without my consent?

Would they appreciate it if my bill were $2.20 and I gave them $2 with 4 candy bars on top? Certainly not.  Worse, I think they’re influencing a rise in tooth decay cases. Sweets have never been this available to the masses… never.

I buy toothpaste… you give me some more candy? No wonder the queues at the surgery have been long. Next thing you’ll be giving porn to someone who just bought a Bible because “you don’t have change.”

Do they really not have change or they want all of my $2. Now some of you may think , “Potar come on its just 20cents.” Okay, if Mr. I Sell Airtime needs to sell about 10 cards to make us much, but still makes a living from that, then these guys are making money I tell you.

Now some of you guys leave your 5cents on those tills but I overheard some till operator girls in a big Zimbabwean supermarket say, “Ah, ungabva muno usina kana dollar?” (” Can you leave this place without a single dollar made”). Imagine that… at 5c profit it’s like they selling airtime too right. Only that you don’t get the airtime. On top of their meagre salary which they blame for such malice.

Candy selling companies must be making money in this era. I know there’s been a rise in patients at my surgery but see I do not encourage that. We can stop it, no one should profit over another’s misfortune. Maybe we are better off leaving that change to power the hair do’s of those till operators.

All I know is after that incident they always have change for me.

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