The Modelling Industry Through My Eyes By Nyasha Dube


I’ve been blessed enough to work both locally and internationally as a model over the past few years having my first ever modelling contract signed in South Africa 3 years ago.i had the opportunity to model for fashion houses and go on various casting calls which broadened my horizons and gave me a taste of whats really out there.

Like any other career it takes hard work and perseverance,its not enough to just look beautiful,internationally they look for models with personality and determination as well as talent including dancing and sometimes even singing, growing up I had the perception that modelling entailed height and good looks alone but in actual fact every client has a specific quality they are looking for in their models for example I went for a Nike casting call and they wanted an African woman with a very athletic body.
Being signed to an agency doesn’t automatically guarantee success,u may face many closed doors before u find an open one but when you finally do its a great feeling. Locally I was fortunate enough to learn that there are so many talented designers who are willing to give models an opportunity to shine on the runway.its a win win for both the designer and the model as they both gain exposure. I modeled at the Indaba fashion show and there was plenty of press supporting our local talent.

Like every other industry,there’s an image that people associate with modelling but its up to you to rise above prejudice and shine as an individual model!

By Nyasha Dube (follow @Nyasha2Fresh on Twitter)


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