Vimbai Lole ‘s Bitter Black Beauty #Poem


Bitter Black Beauty

Bitter black beauty
Mouth of sour taste,
The voice in her head always guilty.
Her own home, she still feels like a guest.
Perpetual bleeding inside her chest,
Bitter black beauty
Part of the rainbow that is the best.
Tragic that you think she can be blended in with the rest.

Large soul, does not falter even if out of her you have made a jest.
Destructive, incosiderate , weak ; you have all the characteristics of a pest.
Using violence, you siphon her strength, leaving her at her worst.
Consequently you strip away her vest.
Her defense mechanism against your abuse, give her back her cest!

A woman in pain,spent emotionally, tired of your hests.
Your now familiar blow to her face puts an unexpected end to her life, who failed the test?
Pity she goes with her life’s zest.
Before they lock you up, her funeral your final fest.
Bitter Black Beauty
Today she visits the grave, not her quest.
She is not coming back, she’s gone to rest.
Bitter black beauty, her fingers clasp a crosslet.
Gone with prayers for you yet to be let.

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