RapMusic – Meister , Blacperl and Noble Stylz to Drop Vakafa Vakazorora


Zim Hip-hop independent artist Meister, believes 2014 will be his break out year having collaborated with Noble Stylz (popular for Masofa Panze) and Blacperl a poetss and songstress, who featured on numerous tracks in Nobles debut album.

Zimbabwe Music Indie artist – Meister

They are offering a song entitled Vakafa Vakazorora, which he says is an attack on other rappers who are “dead in the game”, whoch perpetuates the theme “Masofa Panze “ was based on. According to Meister, the song showcases the battle skills of the three and was done to prove that rap music can be done competitively. I hope their fans will be able to agree with that, but he said it with such confidence. All I know is it has punchlines and good delivery as in Noble and Meister’s previous songs. I heard magic by Meister and I nbelieve he is working on his craft though he has not reached where I want his to reach lyrically.  However as a fellow artist i understand the come up more than anyone and i can say, he is not part of the wack rappers I attack daily.

The song begins with a hook from Blacperl and she manages to make her flow and pitch dynamic to compliment for the metaphors that Noble and Meister will be throwing in the 3 verse song. The 3rd verse is shared by all three and i think that’s an interesting concept though not very new. Meister has been announcing its release on twitter watch out for the song. Meanwhile you can visit his reverbnation for his previous offerings. http://www.reverbnation.com/Meistermind



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