Nowizz New Single – Working Ova here Drops Today



So Nowizz is an independent artist under Xndr’s Rehab Entertainment, the boy has been working  on an album called Moments from which he brings us a single called Working Ova Here. The executive producers are Xndr, Nowizz and Joey King. Recordings done at Rehab and Bring t2 Reality Ent.

Though the album is still work in progress he has decided to drop Working Ova here, maybe to assure them that he is working on the final product. Nowizz was in the press recently and was also covered by Zimlink. He also released Only Us in November, a single which featured Dalma and was Produced by Don Jarvis. The album is focused on an audience that cares about lyrical content and also those who seek motivation and encouragement. Notably, Nowizz has made us realize the positive vibes that can come out of Xndr’s Rehab which has been blasted by hip-hop heads for putting out weak records for the mainstream in certain circles.

The project touches much on love, depression,  struggle and even the positive emotions like excitement and celebration. It is likely to come out in March according to him. I think he deserves a listen and constru8ctive criticism as he builds something for us so by the time he gives us a final product in March, we will have the best and it will not be about Rehab or labels, it will be about inspiring the masses through Hip-hop.

Yo can get the rest of his music on his reverbnation page :


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