The Cancer Issue


HealthLink with Dr Rhoda Molife will continue with Bertha Mukodzani’s superb work to encourage us all to make our health a top priority. And that always starts with arming ourselves with knowledge. The articles for this column will focus primarily on physical health, and we’ll discuss the most common and sometimes not so common medical conditions. Every month, I’ll share with you a series of articles as a theme around a specific area. Alongside the articles, which I promise to keep concise, easily digestible, but full of the most relevant information for you, will be regular and shorter  ‘Health Tips’ and ‘Health Facts’.  I will tell you upfront that I will use ‘medical jargon’ not to impress or intimidate you, but to break it down for you, so that some of you will perhaps feel more comfortable and confident when having a conversation with your doctor; or even with a loved one, who may be seeking advice from you. Knowledge is the key!


This month, HealthLink will kick off with ‘The Cancer Issue’. Cancer is something that many, many people are frightened of. A lot of these fears develop as a result of misleading information and myths that have somehow turned into fact. The Cancer Issue will separate fact from fiction as we talk about exactly what cancer is, what causes cancer, the most common cancers today and their symptoms, how cancer is treated and how you may lower your chances of getting cancer.


Finally, HealthLink is for you. So please feel free to share your thoughts or ask any questions through the comments box at the end of each article, or by sending an email to:



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