New Zimbabwean Comic Strip – Mcpotar’s Tsano Jokes

You may have seen a lot of humour posts by me, I have been working on quite a lot of those from late last year. well finally I decided to call my main character Tsano (which means Son in Law), he is basically a regular Zimbabwean guy who is trying to make ends meet. He illustrates Zimabwean jokes written by Michael “mcpotar” Mupotaringa and all jokes are original. perhaps the character dies when I run out of ideas, but for now I will keep them coming on a regular basis.
Comic -Tsano - Garbage
I named his son after one of my friends, his name is Patso. There is also a white rapper and a phone that talks.  This comic seeks to address a number of societal issues but in a very subtlew way. It seeks to also promote awareness of certain issues in society, such as the January disease one which was the first for 2014.  It will also address relatable issues that the average Zimbabwean faces. When Tsano becomes big enough he may end up with his own stand alone publication but for now you can find his gallery on this link. if you are on a pc browser or some complex gadget below you can access the gallery, buty if you use opera mini like I do, follow the link I gave in the article.



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