5 Things To Do When You’re Bored Online


Perhaps you’ve been bored on a “slow” day and you couldn’t find anything to do. Well here are some expert tips on how you can overcome that boredom. These are proven full proof techniques.

  1. Go to a popular Zimbabwean Facebook page, especially those that post in Shona or Ndebele. Don’t worry about the status updates on the page, just go to the comments which will usually have nothing to do with what the status about. Reply one of the comments, the most provocative one by claiming that what that person has posted is irrelevant. That person is usually a bored person too, so you will be exchanging words for the rest of the day, that will keep you occupied, especially if others join in.


  1. Go to your Facebook page and start updating statuses every 30minutes, especially claiming to be having a good time. I am an expert at this. To attract more attention take a subliminal shot at one of your  ”haters”, they will usually reply to this via their status updates and people will begin to question to whom these are directed. Those who know will giggle from their homes. What a way to kill boredom.



  1.  Look for a job online. – Though this may seem like a waste of time to someone who has stuff to do, looking for a job online can keep you occupied. Though you should keep in mind that it’s just fun to do but nothing will come up. Don’t despair; keep on keeping on after all this is for fun. The advantage is you will never have an empty inbox. How cool is that? Plus you get newsletters every morning.


  1. Thank beautiful girls for accepting your friend request.- Though the girls will ignore this, this will keep you occupied and give you personal satisfaction and growth. It will exhibit your gratitude to the beautiful girls of this planet. Put them on a pedestal, don’t listen to the haters. We all start somewhere. Step your groupie game up. You might make it to the groopylimpics. While you’re at it you may also inbox someone like Kanye West or mention him in a comment.



  1. Repost Chain Messages– Not only will this keep you occupied ,but it will make you a better person than those who ignore these posts. You have the opportunity to become a heroe online.

NB: This article should not be taken seriously. We are not responsible for any behavior that may result from this… take this as pure humour.


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