Ingoma Zothando by Anna T Gowera (With English Translation)


Kunini sibhala ingoma zoThando

Sitema langezibongo?

Siklabalala siphum’ izilakalaka

Sisitsho ngawe, Thando?

Thando wena umukhulu

Wasenza sathetha langeSilungu

Sathi, “Tswiriri-tswiriri Darling Chocolate,

Um’ungekho ngiba lesizungu.”

Lapho sibona abaphethwe nguwe

Begegedeka bebamben’ izandla

Siyabobotheka phinde sizw’umona

Inhliziyo zigobhoz’ indenda.

Bayethe, wena Thando!

Owagoqoz’ ingqondo zababili!

Uyesabeka, o, Thando!-

Ngiyaqhuqha, buye ngihawukele.

Kunini sibhala ingoma zothando

Sibika langas’ isibongo?

Kepha yithi laba

Esisaloba ngawe, Thando.

Inkondlo elotshwe ngu Anna T. Gowera


Songs of Love

{English translation of “Ingoma Zothando”}

We’ve long been composing epistles of love

Sang out even in totem form!

Mouths wide open till epiglottides show,

Reciting our homage to love.



How great are you, Oh potent Love;

With power to make us speak in foreign tongue:

Sultry whispers of, “My Darling Chocolate,

When not with you I get real lonesome.”


Upon seeing some two engulfed by you,

Giggling about and holding hands,

Glee fills me hotly pursued by envy:

My heart transformed into a fountain of drool.



All hail to you oh mighty Love!

With mysterious skill to mash the minds of two…

Dear awesome and fearsome Love

I quake in terror and raging ache for you!



We’ve long been writing songs of love

In adages expressed in totem form

Alas here we are, here we still are;

Scribbling notes and pieces in awe of Love.



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