Be Do Have – Sticking To New Year’s Resolutions in 2014


Be Do Have – how to stick To New Year’s Resolutions in 2014
During the excitement of entering a New Year we often write down New Year’s resolutions. We take time to do a self review and decide on improvements we want to see in our lives, be it in careers, business, relationships and other interests.  Most pessimists will tell you New Year’s resolutions don’t sail through, but they are wrong. They do work if implemented well.

The problem is most of the time we do not set goals in a realistic manner. We focus too much on the results rather than what brings the results. It seems we want to have certain things, then do certain things in order to become certain people, otherwise known as the have – do – be mentality. For example a certain gospel musician may say, “I need to have studio time/money, in order to do music and become an artist.” This will not take him far, it means as long as there is no studio time, he will not take his work out there.

Zimbabwean actor Kapfupi did not wait to have good venues, costumes, props and so forth to launch his acting career, he launched in the street but today he has been as far as United Kingdom to perform. A sister of mine told me that provision follows purpose. When you begin to fulfill a purpose at the capacity you already have those with provisions for greater fulfillment of that purpose will chip in. They already know their investment is worth it, you have proven that you can do much with little. This even works in a relationship, if you invest love in yourself first by self respect, grooming and learning communication skills etc… your loved one will have no choice but to provide only love. Kapfupi is now doing better than production houses that had more resources at the time. This is because the chain is supposed to happen in the opposite sequence. Become – Do – have a.k.a Be do have.

You became a certain person inside, before you do certain things then you have certain things. Becoming involves changing behaviors and replacing bad habits with good habits. This will always work because this is a world of cause and effect. Behavior is the cause, the outcome is the effect. Many people try to DO before they become, but sooner or later it becomes tough to keep up because they have not become certain people first. They get tired.  Many people do something because successful people are doing it, they do not know the underlying reason because they have not become certain people. This is why the wealthy and poor both buy shares from the stock market but the rich buy the right ones and sell at the right time. There is something they invested in first before they went on to try that, be it education or mentorship.

So in 2014 you need to review your goals before going anywhere, after identifying your goals, identify the habits that will bring them to completion. Start working on those habits at a reasonable pace, if you have to team up with people aiming for the same goal do so that you can keep up. Have milestones set to check progress and give self rewards. Perhaps if you are trying to build a fan base on Facebook for example and you have 100 followers but hope to have 1000 by December, set timelines or milestones by which you evaluate your strategy. Perhaps you want to do something special at the 500 mark and so forth. This applies for any worthy goal you may have set for yourself.

If you really want to take this year of action by the horns, giving up is not an option. Living up to your resolutions is a priority. No matter what religious beliefs you hold, only action is proven to be practical in creating reality. Have a blessed year people. To receive more of our updates on the go make sure you follow us on Facebook and twitter. Share this link with a friend you care about.

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