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When American rapper 50 Cent released his 1st number one single, “In Da Club” in January 2003, he inspired a lot of youngsters across the globe. One of them is Zimbabwe’s very own Aston Hype. I had a chat with Aston about his music journey and where it is going to take him.


Born Rindai Sean Muzanechita on the 23rd of May in 1993, Aston Hype is a “regular hip-hop dude who is trying to be extra-ordinary” in his own words.His music journey started in 2003, so basically he has been rapping for a decade now. Aston Hype is currently studying International Relations at the University of Pretoria in South Africa. 50 Cent may have inspired this young man to start rapping but what really keeps him going is the hip-hop made closer to home as he puts South African rapper, Reason as his main inspiration. On his playlist you would also find Zimbabwean artists such as Karma, Karizma (AMVIS), BigShots (G.Records) and more. Aston says he will consider taking up music as a full time career if a major record deal happens to come his way, but he doesn’t see himself quitting anytime soon.



In July 2013, Aston Hype released a mixtape called “Guess Things Change”. Several blogs wrote about the tape and it seems like the public liked it as well. Looking at the past year and the #GTC mixtape, this hard-working young man says he learnt a lot and he received constructive criticism and he is going to use that experience to make sure his future projects get better and better. Speaking of future projects, dude is dropping another tape sometime this year which he says is going to be called “Black Opulence”. He says “Opulence means success and wealth. And the tape is not about flossing, but the wealth of my music and how it has grown so far. On the upcoming mixtape, Aston promises a couple of features to look out for which include one from Kidd Aktive (BigShots) who is also putting out a project sometime this year.


When asked how he feels about the current state of Zim Hip-hop, Aston brought up the very controversial issue of airplay. He feels the hip-hop artists are not getting enough airplay and that there is unnecessary “beef’ in the game. He however sent shout outs to a couple of people he feels are making moves , the BigShots of G.Records, Mix Masters, AMVIS, NGM and EMG. ‘I think there should be more airplay as well as more shows or concerts for local rappers to shine on. That’s all I gotta say. I hope one day I can win a NAMA, or even a Grammy!”


Look out for “Black Opulence”. There is, however, no release date yet but he just said sometime in January. Meanwhile you can check out Aston Hype’s #Guess Things Change Mixtape Album here and some more of his music on Soundcloud. You can also connect with him on Facebook and Twitter.


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