“I love keeping my audience intrigued “- Zimbabwe’s Rising RnB Artist – Jay Mashaire (#African #RnB Music)


Harare born, 26 year old RnB artist Jay Mashaire blessed us this year with a melodious album entitled  Addiction, which expresses many subjects from spirituality , love to life situations that he probably has experienced personally as he lived life in Southerton.

Zimbabwe -RnB Artist - Jay Mashaire

The artist has worked on his vocals and sings in both Shona and English. No wonder he has been trending on reverbnation charts for a while, the presentation of his work shows a sense of organization. The artist says he started singing at an early age; in fact he was so good at his work that his teacher in fourth grade used to call him to sing in front of the class. I guess he lost stage fright at an early age too, his voice is eloquent and confident. It is not shakey. He had an early childhood in the church choir, this could be the reason the album addiction has a Christian message as well, in songs like Tenda Mwari.

Like the average RnB artists, most of his songs are to do with romantic emotion and love. This April he will be releasing a new single called Save Me which is basically a fast tempo song. He says it will resemble the David Guetta style.

“I love keeping my audience intrigued and this song will definitely show them how versatile I truly am.” The artist said when I managed to link up with him through the almighty social media.

Save Me is about an individual who broke up with their partner to later realize that it was a mistake and they just don’t want to do without the other because it feels like ‘flying on a broken wing’ for them according to the artist. It sounds like a love super-hero fairytale theme. Sort of the thing you see in chick flicks I guess. I’m sure the ladies enjoy this man’s music, I hope I get a few by association since I managed to tal;k to a rare talent who has worked with big brands like Mob Entertainment, TMG, Mr . Noxa, your girl Trae Yung and Dija. This is an individual who has been approached by  Eddie Hatitye, a Zimbabwean producer based in South Africa to put vocals on his beat.

You may not yet identify the names mentioned above, but any industry insider already knows that Jay Mashaire is good news to the Zimbabwean Music industry.

He is influenced locally by veteran artist Oliver Mtukudzi and internationally, he wants to oneday achieve like Ne-yo and the late King of Pop Michael Jackson. Definitely, Ne-yo influenced him to find himself. Jameson Mashaire does not sound like Ne-yo, he sounds like Jay Mashaire. He says his song writing is very inclined to the artist however. Emulation is a good thing when coupled with true self I always say. Even though Jay has not reached the stardom of the iconic figures mentioned, he speaks to many people and he just requires a great marketing machine to move him from 1 to 3.

“I am currently doing it all on my own, meeting the expenses, looking for interviews etc but I hope that will change soon. With where I intend to reach I do need both a manager and a sponsor,” he said.

I believe he will not lack sponsorship for so long. You have to be a great RnB artist to get a hip-hop head like me writing this much about you and still feel like writing more.

Get Jay Mashaire Addiction Album or Stream it Here

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