Get More Facebook Likes via ZL


While most people on Facebook are self-centred to say, like my page but yet do not like yours. Zim Link has decided to create a game for none self centred people to get likes, the trick is you drop your link in the comments, then like all other links on the comments… at least the ones you’re okay with. they in turn will like your link too. the cycle goes on and on. we are not like page Gurus for we know some people have over 65,000 likes… but then again, they only talk about sex and some of them use paid ads.

Meanwhile other ways of increasing likes are. (the game is right below these points)

  • 1. Writing compelling posts that your target audience would share without being pushed.
  • 2. Posting pictures then switching to your personal account to tag friends so that it appears in their friends feeds when they comment. you may see 2 or 3 likes tricle in after this small practice.
  • 3. Since you’ve decided to run a page, you’ve also decided to deal with the public. Accept friends and request friends in the niche your page is about. they will eventually like the page as you re–share it in your feeds or when you invite them to it. so no more saying why should i have 1000 friends… well you should have 1000 friends because when you invite out of that pool of 1000 maybe 300 will respond.
  • 4. add more admins to your page and encourage them to invite their friends too. they may also have good content to attract more people.

Follow the Facebok post linked below to play the game.


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