1068996_10201618018629250_1981954973_ndollar for two   is the famous saying now in Zimbabwe”.

But my query is this the so could  entrepreneurship that is being pushed in Zimbabwe is it benefiting us as a people, is it creating more jobs, cash flow in the market or is it killing our country even further.People with educations are now in the streets trying to survive and we call it entrepreneurship, no new ideas are being encouraged but just the reselling of chips, shoes, accessories that you find in shops.  An entrepreneur is innovative person that invents or creates opportunity for others, is this what we as Zimbabweans are doing or we just vendors in the streets trying to survive?


Zimbabwe is encouraging the under using of brains and encouraging the small percentage population that did not believe in education to even further not believe in education. For if you can find a man with a degree driving around CBD carrying people for fiverand, with a degree hanged in his wall then why bother with education. Surely these cannot be the future of our country when we speak of indigenisation and entrepreneurship.


The term entrepreneurship “puts emphasis on the risk and effort taken by individuals who both own and manage a business and on the innovations resulting from their pursuit of economic success”.  The question Iwant to throw to the government and the people of this nation is economic success the thinkingwe have as Zimbabwean when we talk of entrepreneurshipor we are just forced to be in survivor mode of just selling anything that we can get our hands on? If this is so the future of our country is in great danger the small warning signs can be seen in the CBD, these small entrepreneurship business are encouraging dirt, noise and an unhealthy environment in the CBD.

This is an appeal to the to the entrepreneur and people at large to rethink their strategy for the future of our beloved country.


By Carol “Kiki” Marufu.


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