Destination Zimbabwe



Zimbabwe’s narrative is often mistold, whether wittingly or unwittingly, much to the detriment of her economy. The column seeks to engage the world with Zimbabwe, by interpreting local events, policies and other issues from an economic perspective.

Clemence Machadu is an economist who has worked for big organisations such as Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries, Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa and others. He is also a published author, patriot, activist and a polymath in his own right. His profile will be incomplete without mentioning that he is a cowboy, and upholds simple values of equity, justice, inclusivity, respect and hard work.

Machadu’s insights have widely stirred debate, often times leading to optimal policy finetuning. In this column, he will be largely touching on issues of investment, trade, doing business, inter alia, as they relate to Zimbabwe – of course informed by his practical experience in these areas.

ZimLink is an international podium that is going to allow him to give insights about Zimbabwe’s true narrative to the world.
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