How Relaxed Are You?- Take the Test!


To continue with this series of rest and relaxation I’ve decided to give us an opportunity to measure ourselves by answering the following questions devised by me, based on the interpretation of content that I read on rest and relaxation. This list of questions is not exhaustive as there is still a wealth of information out there, but I hope it nudges us towards the right direction.

There is a message behind each question, so I do urge you to pay attention. The higher the score the more relaxed you are and I welcome any questions that you may have.

Good luck!

1) How often do you worry about things you can’t change?

a) Always

b) Sometimes

c) Rarely

d) Never

2) How well do you meet set deadlines?

a) Always. I am an adrenaline junkie!

b ) I stagger my work but sometimes I end up rushing

c) I am very organised

d) I am very organised but I set/accept realistic deadlines

3)  Do you only do things that are necessary?

a) Never

b) Sometimes

c) Often

d) Always

4) How competitive are you?

a) I’ll do whatever it takes/anything to get to the top

b) I hate losing and it frustrates me

c) I like a healthy challenge and I always try to come up with ways to win

d) I like a healthy challenge; I accept defeat gracefully and my mantra is ‘if at first you don’t succeed try try try again!’

5) How important do you think it is to socialise?

a) I don’t think it’s necessary

b) If I can spare a moment

c) I think it’s very important only if I know the people and in familiar surroundings

d) I am open to meeting new people and learning new things

6) Which type of books do you mostly like to read?

a) Mostly fantasy/romance

b) Crime

c) Adventure

d) Educational books

7) If you have a burden do you

a) Pretend all is well/tell the whole world about it

b) Get sad, cry, scream but keep it to myself

c) Express my emotions and talk to someone to help me with it

d) Express my emotions in a healthy manner, confide in someone I trust but don’t expect them to fix my problems, weigh my options and act on them

Key: Answer a = least relaxed and could be experiencing stress b) only a little relaxed and in danger of being stressed c) quite relaxed but you need to let go a little bit more d) you don’t let things get to you and are very relaxed



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