A Look At Young African Hip-hop Artist Trap C – His New Song and Forthcoming Mixtape


African Hip-hop is infested with so much talent, today I will talk about a Zimbabwean young Hip-hop artist, who had his early passion for the music industry when he was in Grade 6. Inspired much by America’s Drake in his hooks, the 18 year old Glenview based independent artist has decided tto work on a mixtape called Ndini Wacho, which has a  King Pinn Tribute.

Trap c- independent African Hip-hop Artist from Zimbabwe.

I managed to listen to one single called The Only One, which was produced by Gavin The Dreamer & Huniland at Huniland Ent. He personally did his cover art with a lot of input from Huniland. He says that the song has not yet been sent to radio stations, for he wants to first work on the entire mixtape and decide which singles he wants to push the mainstream first. I as a listener believe his song The Only One  has a fair chance of getting airplay on a platform such as School of Hip-hop. He has good rhyme schemes and they surely are not too hard for the average mind to grasp. He is not an imitation but he definitely takes a leaf from artists like Drake and uses instances of hashtag rap.

“The song was inspired by love. That moment you realize your girl is better than all your exes in terms of everything and you want to let her know.” – Trap C

The artistes limitation is how he is to distribute his mixtape when it come s out, of course other than a few hundred CD’s or a hulkshare link. This is a common problem which is even faced by major artists in the country. I am sure he will come up with a solution.

Trap C will be goin

g to University later this year and he promises to fly the flag high for all the Schools he attended: Avondale Primary School, Shungu and St. Martins.

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You can access his music via this link.


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