Fears by Tawona Rangwana ( Christian Poetry)


I stare back at my fears,
Telling them that I am now adequate,
I am now stronger than them,
I fear no more,
I am now like little David with a sling going against the mighty Goliath,
I fear no more, for my fears are not real.

I am now powerful and greater,
For my father in heaven protects me,
I fear not , for I am his son,
He called me and i answered,
Now i dance with rejoice,
That i am whole again and not inadequate,
I fear not, for he is with me.

I am mightier and he carries me on his shoulder,
Enemies turned into friends,
For his plans I will follow,
He fights for me and faithful i will remain to him,
As floods, strong winds try to bring the fear,
I will call on his name for protection.

When i can take it anymore,
I will kneel down and pray,
For he will fight all the fear
I fear no more ,
For he is with me and he will continue to bless and protect me,
I am adequate now because of him.

Written by Tawona Ranganawa



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