Zim Cup Clash 2018

Let talk music !


Let’s talk music !

It’s said music can heal the mind by taking your mind off the daily stresses and of course into the place of rhythm and musical tones.

With a wide range of music out there, such as Classical, contemporary, rhythm and blues and rock, each one of us can find peace with one if not two genres.

Sometimes, music can also create movement, that being in our bodies. Music can also create a social space for many who share the same taste and essentially something to talk about.

In particular my attention for today’s article is on Zim Dancehall.

I recently attended a dancehall event for the first time. Zim Cup Clash 2018 in Leicester. My initial thinking was exactly what I experienced. The room filled with many Zimbabweans coming to let the hair down. What I was surprised is the age range was diverse. I guess, music has no age limit.

The room was never silent, and all the songs played by the DJ’s always had people moving to the beat. This was easy to tell since the venue pretty much hugged all those in the room, meaning everyone was pretty much close together. Upstairs was the VIP section which surrounded the room and overlooked the stage, most of which had people lined up by the rails so they would not miss any moment of the entertainment on stage.

Talking about entertainment, it was not just the DJ’s on stage or artists. Dancers were also part of the stage. Dancing to various songs with a round one and two, meant the audience could participate by voting their favourite dance act. This helped to create variety, and interaction especially since the programme began at 9:30pm till 6pm.


ZimLink had the pleasure to interview and get to know Theresa Shangazhike. The upcoming artist going by her stage name of ‘Shanky’ is a artist who provides us with an infused genre of R&B and Afro Beats meaning the majority of her songs are sang in the local Zimbabwean language Shona. Shanky told Zimlink of her upcoming projects including her latest song ‘Watora Moyo’ which is out now. Listen to the song here.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REBLmjxdIw0[/embedyt]

Killer T

The act most of us had been waiting for, was Mbare born, artist, Killer T. He has previously collaborated with various artists including Jah Prayzah with ‘Hondo’ which no doubt was part of the playlist of songs he performed on the night. Most of the songs in fact had come from his recent album ‘Mashoko Anopfuura’ relased on April 8th 2018 so to see many of the audience singing along to most of his tunes, brought a conclusion that Killer T was a respected artist.

Many thanks to King Alfred, who had organised this event, and carried it out through the night. It was wonderful to see so many Zimbabweans together, creating a community, something that they all enjoy and something for all ages to come and just release all there energy.

Do you have a favourite Zimbabwean artist  you would like to see perform here in the UK ?

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