Let Me Shed Them Now (Poem)


My heart tosses about

From tears I have not shed,

The letters I have not read;

A love I have not met…

I have deep yearning for

A butter I have never spread,

A glance of the colour red…


May I ask the universe for an advance,

To cry all my tears now?

Let no ill befall me I beg of you

But still let me cry them now:


Let me wail for death

So that it will never be

For the turmoil my children

Will never see

For the depth of a grave I will never reach

For that message that has not been preached

Let me yell my anguish now!


And when sobs have racked me

Till I wax sore

And my chest lays open

As from bull-horn gore;

When I have wept

Till I can weep no more

Phantom voice,

Throat is raw

Let that show the end

Of all evil’s spore!


Let there be peace in every piece of the world

And let there be never still more cry

For ships we have not sailed,

Conquests we have not quailed,

Kings we have not hailed;

Babes we have not held…


Let me cry them now!


by Anna T. D. Gowera


  1. I’m speechless… really love your poem.:. Especially the manner in which you rhymed.. it was good on the tongue but it also managed to convey real meaning… great work Anna….


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