SHE – Poem on womanhood by Vimbai Lole


He became man.
‘S’ to he and ‘she’ was created.
He with a little bit more spark.
Selflessness accentuated with sensitivity.
The epitome of stability.
Sweet in her ways,
The smile strangely sexually appealing.
Safe-guarder of your heart,
Her sacrifices saving you sorrow.
‘S’ to he and a sacred being breathed.

She is woman.
Sometimes the world is heavy.
Past pains and regrets.
No strength for another day.
She yearns to be weak sometimes.
To just cry because it hurts or is frustrating.
These tears she blinks back in,
They might wash away the joy inside.

Yet some days she can’t help smiling.
Could make the world tipsy,
On generous servings of her love.
The warmth in her hug…
Love burning through.

Today she feels ugly.
Too fat,
Too skinny.
They said she is too much of a plain Jane.
She was told she tries too hard.
She is just expressing herself.
Looking for who she is.

Tomorrow she is beautiful.
She got herself.
She bonded with who she is.
Comfortable without makeup,
In love with her foundation and lipstick and the mascara.
All her choices.
All about her.

‘Wo’ to man,
And woman became.
She, a wonder.
‘S’ to he created a work of art.


By Vimbai Lole


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