The World Is a Court Room by @Mcpotar (With Audio)


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Perhaps everyone should just walk around with a wooden little hammer (gavel),  a gown and little curly blonde weave. Maybe a little pair of round glasses (optional), we are judges aren’t we. Society is full of judges who have more experience than that in law school. People know what’s right and wrong and can easily point out who’s morally wrong.


Their judgment is always fair because they always have 4 fingers pointing back at them. Trust me I see my own four fingers pointing back at me for writing this article on society as if I were watching it from a window. I usually call it the plastic republic and I spoke of it on my site at one time. People will try as much to behave well when they are being seen, or to maintain a view that the immediate crowd agrees with. A young man who is probably is dating 3 girls will boast of his 3 girls in front of his friends that approve of it yet act like he’s against it among some religious brethren who do not approve of such behavior.  He will nod his head and say,” Oh the world has gone to the dogs…,” he will spit at the floor in disgust.


He is a different man on Sunday, Saturday… Friday or any day reserved for his religious practices. He does not quite live within the teachings on other days, he defies them unseen. When some of his brothers and sisters are caught on the wrong side, he takes them to society court. He wears his black gown, his little wig and passes the verdict even before he hears their defense. He sentences them to months of embarrassment and rumor torture. They too have little gowns but find it harder to wear them after being exposed. They too were judges once like him.


They realize that this world is nothing but a courtroom; everyone is a judge, plaintiff, jury or defendant.


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