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I listened to Taz the Prince’s , Black Ochestra and just felt like being a twitter blogger like everybody else and just type, “Taz is dope, he’s the future, Zimhip-hop is going far, get that link right now”. Probably be redundant as flip around that line. Well because the song is overwhelmingly good and that’s already obvious, but then again the motive of my post is to go in depth with any chosen aspect of the song. Plus this is wordpress, you need to really know the significance of this song.

Taz The Prince

The beat was created by The Hitman, it has a catchy sample in the background. Taz in this song is very lyrical, you might drown in his bars and not realize what he is saying in his braggadocio oriented bars. Deep beneatrh them it’s more than just bragging we want to break this one down from his chorus. Now rappers don’t just say things like this to brag…

“Told you I’m going in, never coming back when I leave,

Celebrating everyday like everyday it’s New Years Eve,

I’m just try’na do myself but these dudes are so naïve,

Counting blessings on a daily, know what I wanna achieve..”


This in itself already tells me something about this writer. Firstly this is a guy who had his mind focused on something, I want to believe it is breaking out in the rap game. He probably told people around him that were non believers of his dream and they took his passion for granted, now he is seeing those dreams bit by bit come to pass. I mean one of these blessings is the opportunity to be featured on a meticulously critical website in good light.


What this chorus also means is that Taz is not turning back from his path in the arts and the work he has put on his lyrics simply proves this. What further proves that he is talking about how he plans to intensify his involvement in rap music is when he says,


“ (censored word) this game it aint willing, so I’m taking it by force,

Sometimes I feel like  a damn’ rapist,”

I told you this song sounds like simple braggadocio lines but this guy is talking about his experience with Zim-hip-hop again. The hip-hop industry has been hard for everyone, I talk to some of the most successful rappers in the land and they still feel like they aint done it. They feel we are closed out. The industry aint willing and Taz The Prince is willing to take it by force because he is frustrated by that. He wants it so bad but it has been failing to let him in even through the major airplay battle faced by emcees as deep as him. Would you believe that a man with this much lyricism is not yet on Power FM getting at least one spin a day. I’m not talking about some newcomer request show where an indie gets one play and next week it’s another guy. Black Orchestra is really every closed out emcee’s soul.


Taz is like:

“Been/Being with all  you dudes is becoming a war/

You bite somebody’s bars, feel like breaking a jaw/”


He continues to take shots at fake rappers, jealousy and wack rappers, that line there means his bars are jawbreakers because they are hard. I’m not sure if that is a generalization or he may have had certain individuals in mind, but whichever it is he is bringing war to these guys. He has his lyrical spray ready to fumigate them and we should really feel sorry for those who live in the era when you could  put anything on soundcloud. Get a little review from a friend and cop downloads. The style over substance era is over and substance is now being upheld by new guys like Taz. This year rumour has it, wack rappers are getting kicked out of rap. Cashbid already told us about The Realest, Meister told us about Vakafa Vakazorora.
“Putting work all night like this rap was a chore/
Alter ego telling me, go get it what you waiting for/”

Again the concept of pursuing this dream without turning back is represented by his hard work and the inner him that forces him to continue. It is clear that these are not just generic bars rappers say to brag. This guy has been plotting moves, the inner him wants him to succeed and that’s the same inner man that is talking in this song. This song is powerful and has a powerful sample. Taz is a genius emcee.


His last verse is open about how much he has dreams and haters out there. He is simply killing the competition lyrically with these bars and he believes it’s his time. I’m not sure if it really is his time yet, but it may as well be the beginning of such an era.

Download it here or stream below.

[soundcloud params=”auto_play=true&show_comments=true&color=0ac4ff”]http://soundcloud.com/s-o-a-state-of-art/black-orchestra-the-hitmen[/soundcloud]



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