Zimlink goes to the Zimbabwe Embassy



On the 14 of March Zimlink spent the day at the Zimbabwean Embassy, attending two events, one on promoting Zimbabwean Tourism and the other , a Rotary International fund-raising event spearheaded by the ambassador H.E Gabriel Machinga.

It was an exciting afternoon as we had the opportunity to talk to people about the Zimlink project, and how it features in also promoting Zimbabwe as a wonderful tourist destination, and as the mantra goes, to see Zimbabwe as a world of wonders. Emphasis was made that Zimbabwe remains open, and looks forward to continued interaction, through tourism, with the rest of the world. John Howles also made a short presentation, pointing out that Routes Africa 2014 will be held in Zimbabwe, and this will also highlight how Zimbabwe remains an attractive tourist destination.

The evening saw people coming together to raise funds for Chirovakamwe primary school in Mutare Zimbabwe. In addition to showing the potential for partnerships with other communities in the UK for developmental purposes, the fund-raising also buttressed the important role that the Zimbabwean, and other members of the African diaspora can play in development in the “home” countries.

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Kuda Felicia Munjaidi, from the Zimbabwe tourism office at the embassy, made an important presentation and reiterated that Zimbabwe is open for business, and those interested in visiting and investing in Zimbabwe should embrace the opportunities that the country offers.

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Already contributing billions annually to the Zimbabwean economy, opportunities remain for the diaspora to engage in other aspects of developmental and transformative activity back home



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