“I have major problems with Zim Hip-hop Awards”- says Krimz

Krimz Beatz

After our post yesterday on radio play. Krimz beats contacted us to say, that radio play in Zimbabwe was beyond the things we wrote. currently there is a social media war on radio station by a certain faction of the Zim-Hip-hop movement. I am not sure how big it is and if it has spread out to the country, but i definitely get a dose of the war in my daily feeds. Let’s hear from Krimz Beatz. I you feel Krimz does not represent the voice of hip-hop feel free to get in touch with us via our contact page.

So Krimz. Before we begin; give us an overview of who you are and why industry people should listen to you?

For Starters I am a club deejay and music producer….been doing this for over ten years now so I would definitely want to think I have learnt some stuff through out this journey I am travelling.

Great stuff; Mr Krimz. You are one of the people very pro this “radio-play” revolution. Before we talk about this “revolution” why does it always seem directed at Xndr’s Rehab, School Of Hip-hop etc… As fellow producer, DJ and as a fan may you clear that question.

To answer your question this whole airplay revolution as you put it aint directed at no-one in particular, but to all those who are evidently seen active as being leaders in this whole Zim-hip-hop upcoming…. now to answer your question… If i as a producer claim to have the keys to the radioplay everyone is crying for, then i’ve got to make that service available to that whole industry despite association… I gotta be lthe leader and open doors for all yoiung artists coming up from accross the country. To be honest i dont see that happening, in this case i’m referring to my  fellow producer Xndr… and as for the radio show School of Hip-hop… I think the same thing applies to them… You cant have a show that only represents a minorityof the industry when we have a whole industry crying to be heard out here.

As a DJ Krimz Do you realize how hard it might be to cater for over 8,000 indies. Do you yourself play material from around the country at your sessions?

Personally i dont want to lie to you….i got a whole load of Zim Hip Hop tracks i play….some tracks that dont even make it to radio but they be banging!
And its not really hard if you are a real deejay…. Our Hip Hop is no different from any other.

So what measures have you taken over the past 10 years to have dialogue with radio stations for fair-play. What measures are you taking. Are you teaming up with the Masofa Panze Movement?

Basically you have to understand one thing…. You are nothing without the support of the people and right now that’s whats important…..What we are saying is yes….radio play is needed but its really useless if you don’t have the support of your fellow musicians and the masses….so really you can have all the radio play you can get but then what…..some people right now got massive airplay but cant cross the borders of their towns to go do a show because they are irrelevant outside radio and their towns….

I didn’t know that’s what they call it now Masofa Panze Movement but i know my homeboy Noble Stylz dropping an album by that name this week….so yes i am down with the whole movement…..we still keep it La Familia…..
So my main concern right now is to reach out to the people with or without airplay.

We hear you. Another one of my profound questions now would be. Do you think people hate MMT because of it’s connection to Rehab or people hate Rehab because of MMT? (The ones that hate on it of course)

I would not describe it as hate really…..and if you look at it the people that continuously talk about all these issues are the players that are in the game wanting a better industry….free and equality for all…. And really i dont see the difference between MMT and Rehab…..So whichever move the other makes it represents the other….so guess if the issues being addressed to Rehab are of any note….then MMT is being addressed as well.

Would in that case MMT be more appreciated if it were under a different stable say… Your stable?

Rehab is a good enough….if they could fix all these monopoly tendencies they have and not try and act like they own this whole industry…..yes represent your own but when it comes to Zim Hip Hop…..man there is a lot of players that got a say in it also….Zim is not one label its a whole nation….a whole industry from Zambezi to Limpopo….

Well said; you pasted an “open letter” about your grievances over Zimhiphop Awards. Later battled it out on some wall with some Rehab people (Which is why I was very inclined to Rehab questions). Your open letter disqualified the awards. What do you think awards should’ve been like? If asked to DJ at this years awards or nominated will you mince your words? Be brief so I ask the next part of this question.

Man I personally have got major problems with these so called Zim Hip Hop Awards…..One major problem that i addressed in that letter is their lack of professionalism……their tendency of bias to a certain label and a group of artists….its so bad that it gets to a point where the people that deserve some awards don’t get em because they dissed some people….Watch it happen come 11 December….

Okay Krimz you a DJ for a living. They call you up and say Krimz we want you on the turntables. Or you see yourself nominated in one of the categories. What will you do?

As for the Deejayin part honestly its work….that’s what i do for a living and if they got the money to have me play there i will play no strings attached…..as for the nomination….if i deserve to be nominated they gotta nominate me….I am also part of this whole Zim Hip Hop out-coming aint…..And tell you what i want to live to see that day….coz am sure it wont happen with the current setup.

Thank you for your honest. Having managed to answer all my raw questions we may conclude by having you ask me a related question.

Well i know you’re a hip-hop head… in your own opinion, are you really happy with how the industry stands right now?

Definitely not, both mainstream and underground. self centred-ness is crippling potential. i know however there is money to be made out here as soon as we get our house in order. As soon as we trust each other and share idea at a deeper level. Any movement existing so far that claims to benefit everyone (underground or mainstream is really for a select few. They buy your likes and support by saying it’s for everyone… then you realize one day it’s for them.

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