It’s been a couple of weeks since ASAPH ( Full name – Tafadzwa Tarukwana ) dropped his latest project “KINGSVILLA”,  and I must say that, this EP is still relevant, and making it’s rounds throughout the streets. On the same note, I am really pleased at the way Zim Hip hop is growing and breaking new grounds – especially the Hip Hop coming from the City of Kings, Bulawayo. We have been waiting for too long. Well, this EP is definitely a compilation that one must have, as it is another great contribution to the local music industry.


KINGSVILLA features the “Z’khipan” hit-maker CAL_VIN , MJ Sings and Mimie, alongside some great local producers such as L.A Josh, Charlie Zimbo and Dj Dakudu.

While having a chat with ASAPH, he told me that the inspiration behind the EP came from a desire to give the nation a “Bulawayo experience”. He believed that there were not enough authentic stories told in Zim Hip hop (of which I totally agree with him), hence he decided to take the initiative. The first 3 tracks really get you warmed up as they have a lot of vibe to them. I’m sure a number of fans had already listened to “Drop that” as it was released before the EP dropped. My favorite track would happen to be “Burg sosh” : The beat, the content, the delivery,and the chorus are all on point. This track  basically depicts the art of story-telling, as ASAPH tells a story of a boy and a girl: how they become victims of peer pressure in different scenarios. I must admit that the chorus and authentic chant are also very catchy. The 3rd verse is diversified a bit, and brings more energy as the beat switches up – not a lot of rappers can execute a track the same way he did on this song , hence he did a great job.

asaph 6  Asaph5

One of the interesting aspects about this EP is that it is very realistic, authentic and dope at the same time. There are quite a number of rappers in the industry that tend to release songs which have no relevance, and do not relate to the culture we have in Zimbabwe, however, ASAPH delivered a project that local listeners can familiarize themselves with and relate to. With this being said, it’s without a doubt that this project is one of the realest projects to come out of Zim, and I hope that local artists will learn from this and be inspired. ASAPH, the self proclaimed “Saviour of Zim Hip hop” is living proof that you can rap about the reality you see around you, or the experiences that you go through or witness people going through, and still be dope. Likewise, he is not the only one , but we need more rappers who can do the same, and stay LEGIT. A few words from Mr Kingsvilla to those who want to become rappers or are upcoming :”Tell your original story, and represent your city. Don’t let the older cats in the game discourage you from dreaming”.

Rumor has it that a BYO State of mind documentary is in the pipelines and may becoming out soon, so be on the look out. We are also impatiently waiting for ASPAH to drop a video. Oh well, we’ve come to the end of this article, so here are the links to his EP: Download KINGSVILLA / Stream KINGSVILLA , and you can follow ASAPH on Twitter @TheBoyAsaph . Shout out to SHADEOGREY .


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