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She started off by doing all sort of jobs in the Zim entertainment business, from modelling to being a television actress before finally settling to be among Zim top music personalities bringing her own style which is fused with creativity and well-articulated stage performances. She is energetic, enthusiastic and is up to conquer all challenges. Her influence has been unmistakable for the past eight years; from her début television role in the outstanding soap Amakorokoza to her current musical journey which saw her rub shoulders with popular music icons. She has also managed to share the stage with outstanding and well-travelled art groups like Iyasa and Umkhathi Theatre works. Kadder is undoubtedly an inspired authority and a lady of substance in the often fickle entertainment industry.

Her dream started while growing up in Gwanda a small town in Matabeleland South, she always told her friends and family that one day she will be on the big screen. No one took her serious everyone thought it was just but another dreamless idea. We don’t have a radio station worse a television channel how are you going to be on TV, everyone will ask as they believed she was just but a dreamer.

Relocating to Zimbabwe’s second capital city Bulawayo opened doors for Kadder as all she dreamt of materialized. The journey into Zim’s showbiz opened up she took up modelling and took home various accolades, with creativity and perseverance she took up dancing and all that led her to meeting big brands in the music industry Khux man, Mjox of the famous Bulawayo kwaito outfit Street Niggaz. She became an opening act for South African musicians like Brickz, BujoMujo, Mapaputsi and Mkaribe.

It is during the time that a local music producer Tafara ‘Mjox’ Joga who wanted to groom a female kwaito artiste. He trained and moulded me into the musician I am today, and I appreciate the role he has played and the belief he has in me.

We met with the enthusiastic Kadder last weekend at the popular National Art Gallery in Bulawayo were artiste usually converge for various art programmes and it is a favourite base for many artiste. It is here that she opened up of her journey and all the good things she has come to witness in the business of the arts.

Name : Proficience Cadder
D.OB : 13 October 1989
Stage Name : Kaddder
Home town : Gwanda
Current City : Bulawayo
Schools Attended: Montrose Girls High school
Foundation College

Music Genre : Kwaito Musician and Choreographer
Recording Studio: Emaflatini Studios
Stepping in the genre was not a walk in the park it took determination and courage facing all stereotypes. It has been a popular belief that kwaito is something meant for boys, no one ever believed that girls could be involved in such a genre. She crafted her own brand and started on something that many support and emulate today.


“I am a lady who does not like being sidelined because of my gender, I am always ready for any challenge that comes my way and that is how I have survived in this male dominated sector.

Q. What makes you stay foot in the game?

A. Being positive am always on top of my game and above all perseverance pays.

Q. What has been your biggest moment in the industry so far?

A. Surely the recently held National Arts and Merit Awards (NAMA) presented me with a biggest performance so far performing live on television, performing in front of big brands in the business of the arts sharing the stage with renowned Zimbabwean groups like Iyasa and Umkhathi I will never forget the day it will be forever be imprinted in my heart a big thank you to the organisers they gave me a chance to shine.

Q. Who inspires you?

A. Firstly I drew my inspiration from Decibel’s video of his hit song Chido and then I have been inspired by other good brothers in the arts. The tremendous job they have done in building a vibrant industry the effort they have all put in shaping the arts industry. They stand to be my heroes Music sensation Jeys Marabini, veteran playwright and Director of Intwasa Arts Festival Raisedon Baya, Simon Mbazo Phiri of Siyaya Arts and Director of the famous Inkululeko Yabatsha School of Arts (Iyasa) Nkululeko Dube. They all to inspire me.

Q. Everyone would like to know who Kadder is.

A. Kadder is a lady born in Gwanda 25 years ago. A lady who believes comes from her own planet. She loves doing her own things and loves challenges because she always comes out victorious and a conqueror. She is a kwaito artiste who started her journey by doing different jobs in the arts from modelling to acting then dancing before being groomed by Mjox into a kwaito sensation.

Q. Who writes your songs?

A. To tell the truth am not good in writing, I have tried but I have not written good ones. My producer Mjox is a good writer and he writes good lyrics so he is the one who pens most of my songs. I appreciate her efforts.

Q. Tell us about your other performances?

A. My first performance was during Ibumba in December 2009 after the success of my song Kulendawo which did very well on Power FM. I have also performed during Intwasa Arts Festival KO Bulawayo I also got a chance to perform at the Coca-Cola summer splash early this year and I found myself sharing the stage with Iyasa.

Q. How many songs have you recorded and the titles?

A. I have five singles, Phez’Kwamanzi, which also has a video, Dlala Bek’Bone, Kule Ndawo, Toleka and Sekukhona Ba?

Q. What do you want young people to learn from you?
A. I want to be a trendsetter, to inspire them to do they own think outside the box.

Q. Any Challenges?

A. I have faced so many lack of support and at times missing some opportunities have affected me.

Q. . Where can we get your music?

Q. My music can be found on, and you can also watch my videos on YouTube.

Q. Any last words to your super fans out there?

A.I just want to say perseverance pays. It is not always easy but always stay on top of your game and be determined to conquer. And to the ladies out there am representing.

Thank you Kadder for the interview all the best in your musical journey.

Thank you.


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