This world is cruel


This world is cruel,
but theres nothing we can do,
just stop and stare,
no one really cares.
it’s all one big game,
ignore it,it will all be the same.
you don’t need anyone else,
just care for yourself and that would be best.
You see a man living on the streets,
went somewhere wrong with his life,
never got the bills to meet,
now he deals with agony and strife.
Theres nothing he can do,
lost his home and family too,
he can barely find enough food to feed himself,
living off of others scraps because no one is willing to help.
Your best friend lives across the street,
you think she has the perfect life,
if only you knew the whole truth,
that her dad beats her every night.
She’s scared to live in her own home,
with school and living with her dad shes stressed,
the only thing that she trusts now,
is the razor blade it’s self.
A little baby born into this world,
can’t have a say or choose,
born into the wrong family,
there was nothing little baby could do,
you hear her crying everyday,
no one seems to care,
one day they just got sick of it,
and shook her until they could bare.
A boy in your school,
about the age of 17,
doesn’t go to college,
or pursue his life long dream.
His parents tell him everyday,
your no smarter than a flea,
why don’t you just leave this place,
it’s better off for you and me.
You see a boy everyday,
scared to be himself,
gets abused in every way,
because he is different from the rest.
You see this boy, he is gay,
and no one will accept,
even his parents disown him,
no one to count on but himself.
This world is cruel,
but theres nothing we can do,
just stop and stare,
no one really cares.
just open up your eyes,
learn to deal with the new and realize,
were all people just the same,
living in the cruel world with nothing to gain.


Tatenda Gondo


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