Its Saturday the 25th of October 2015 and I am still feeling pretty exhausted after a long evening the night before at The Beffta Awards in West London, I had not visited Woolwich for many years, it felt like arriving back into the space of a familiar world of a calm embracing energy. It took me ages to find the Event palace, but not even the grey mood from the cold wind could dampen my expectations of a lovely evening. For more than six months, everyone had been talking about THE TRUE AFRICAN HERITAGE AWARDS hosted by a Profound Community Ambassador and Social Entrepreneur- ADEBEAUTY LOVE.


Everyone had been talking about Adebeauty Love, A down to Earth natural leader filled with grace, charm, poise and an electrifying laughter that embraced warmth, energy and truth. Ade was hosting The True African Heritage Awards for the very first time, and once i stepped into The Events Palace in Woolwich, it was clearly evident that her network was a reflection of her vision, her purpose and the beautiful facets that made up the Adebeauty Love, this network was also an extension of many communities celebrating Love in One World all under the umbrella that embraces International togetherness.

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There were guests from Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia, Cameroun, England, France and so many other places The room was also filled with familiar faces in The Nigerian Community who had made great contributions over the years Some people say that variety is the spice of Life- The True African Heritage Awards had variety – it ranged from Live music, A fashion Show, pre-recorded Interviews by ZIMLINK, Networking and great the Food The food was also a good eye opener into part of What West african cuisines was all about- On display in a neat corner was White Rice, Jollof Rice, Red Stew, Yam Porridge, Cow Foot, Vegetables, Chicken and so much more, and I even noticed many people from other regions of Africa,licking their fingers and coming back for more- all cooked by ADEBEAUTY LOVE. She was everywhere to be found, hosting, greeting, on the mics, making people Life, but also in her on little way, reminding people – that every moment in Life is beautiful and things are never that really bad. Lots of award were also won that night by great Role Models and Community Ambassadors who were constantly making a difference to Life, but for me- every nominee was already a winner, every atendee was already a winner- The whole room was filled with assumming and unassumming winners. The Zimlink Team was also present on the evening to promote and support The Vision of True African Heritage Awards but also to take photographs and conduct interviews.


Dark Zac, Nasilee, Eugune and Simba were all in action. ZIMLINK also won their first Award that evening- for all the great work they had been doing in he community and once again Adebeaty Love gave a very emotional speech about the great work ZIMLINK were doing in the community The True African Heritage Awards will go down as one of the most memorable events in 2014 and will be talked about for a very long time to come For more information on True African Heritage, Visit-

story by:

Tony Tokunbo Eteka Fernandez


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