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Nasilele Ailola has taken the on-line world by storm. The smart, educated and highly opinionated thinker is making BIG moves in the global cyber sphere! She declares herself a social media addict but is happy because her hobby has made her a success!

sefsefsNasilele is the founder of the positive lifestyle forum and community – NVLife Magazine. She calls it a place where people can come to find peace, joy and read about inspiring ways to live an nv-able life. The site is visited by just over 2,000 visitors daily and seems to be growing at the speed of lightening. Due to the demand for reviews of books from authors, Nasilele is even working on the addition of a bookstore.
What lead Nasilele to take her love of blogging further and create a business out of it?

“I realised that by sharing bits and pieces of my daily life through my blogs and social media, that I was actually creating an influence. When we share our happy times with each other through images and videos, we brighten up each other’s days! The same goes when we are going through some ‘not so good times’ sharing them with others lets people know that they are not alone. People relate. They click like, your followers grow and it goes from there. That’s the power of social media.”


Understanding the power of social media and the way it can influence society positively is what  let Nasilele to form her Social Media and Marketing agency;- Holistic Visions. They provide PR and Marketing services to assist small to medium sized companies with increasing their online presence and overall awareness. As an English Literature graduate, Nasilele’s natural writing skills which she maintained and practised daily since early childhood, have been finely tuned through the aid of academia.

“Ever since I can remember I was writing. I can’t remember ever sitting down at the end of the day and writing in my journal. One day those diaries will be worth millions! However, as much as I love writing about myself, I much prefer to write about other things in the world! After all the fun of assignments and research at University, I found that I needed more to write about so I felt compelled to blog about the world and the people in it.”

When she is not blogging, producing copy for others, or managing the contents of websites for others, Nasilele is employed as a Publicist for some highly influential leaders of the community,- one of which even includes a celebrity, whose identity she has to keep secret for legal reasons.

To find out more about the writer, extraordinaire they call the ‘PR writer’ visit her website and read her personal bio.


If you are an entrepreneur or a business owner and you require a copy writer or a social media expert to put their magic touch on your business and increase your online awareness, Nasilele is the woman to call. Holistic Visions can provide you with assistance with your monthly newsletters, blogs and much more. If Visit Holistic Visions and take a look at some of the affordable marketing solutions on offer and book a free consultation with Nasilele today.

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