The Art Of Learning New Things Fast by Mcpotar


I am a graphic designer, hip-hop emcee, poet, dental therapist, I know how web design and hosting works (but un-interested: lol) and am an aspiring blogger. I’m consistently asked by people how I manage to do well in all those dimensions. Well there are many men who function in many talents as well, men such as Nqobizitha “Enqore” Mlilo, Kanye West, the creator of Family guy.

Today I’d like to reveal the methods by which I learn new skills and create new talents over a few moths.

  1. Watch The Experts carefully

Everything is a remix. You are not going to re-invent the wheel. If you want to master a certain skill,  don’t “hate on “the experts in the field. Rather watch them do it and try to copy their style of doing it first before you innovate it into your own. (E.G Hip-hop Beats are made in the 4/4 time signature and you will have a hard time trying to use otherwise). Modify your own way when you know the basic rules of doing a certain skill.


  1. Break Down The Task (chunking)

Almost all complex things are made up of simpler structures (e.g. humans > organs > tissues> cells>atoms etc). Everything else in the universe follows a similar path, be it a skill, method or structure, it can be broken down to basic fragments (chunks). There is a system or sequence of actions that has to be executed to kick a ball, do gymnastics and in whatever skill you want to learn, you wont go anywhere till you break it down. You may begin, but get stuck on the way. Sadza (a Zimbabwean dish) is cooked in a certain way by following certain steps, temperature adjustments, timing, maize-meal ratios and molding, one can come up with the best meal.


  1.  Repetition and deep Practice

I read a book called the talent code by Daniel Coyle and the book stated that talent is endorsed through a biological process in which the more you do something it is absorbed into your system. (It’s actually a broad subject). In short practice makes perfect. However the book encourages something known as deep practice. This is where you stretch you skill to levels you have not reached yet every time you practice. If you can already run 100metres in 9 seconds for example, strive for 8.5seconds or something until it feels natural to do so.


Do not under estimate the power of repetition. None of us were born with the ability to walk, but we walk and talk as if it is in born. Most people can text a message without consciously thinking which letters they are pressing. That’s how habits are absorbed. With over 42 videos produced so far, Enqore is a Guru. Synik doesn’t take time to memorize a piece.



Keep learning, keep reaching. For more posts with insight like our page on Facebook.

By Michael Mupotaringa “Mcpotar”


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