Ten short African films to watch while waiting for the rain


Life is too short to watch long, boring African films. Why not try watching short African films for a change. C’mon, don’t you miss laughing out proudly and crying shamelessly? These ten carefully selected short African movies are bound to surprise your emotions. Are you ready to be entertained from your private cinema? Say, ‘hello to my Africa’. Enjoy!

1. Ghana Police – Ghana

A short film produced by Breakthrough Media Productions.  An American-Ghanaian attempted to kill himself, but the Ghana police are making matters worse.

2. Zimbabwe – Zimbabwe

A short hilarious flashback of life in Zimbabwe before the C20th.  ZIFFT Short Film Project.

3. My Delusion – Nigeria

A puzzling short film about a man who cared more for himself than any other thing. his bad habits got him to loose his job and now his wife has left him what will become of him? Produced by Olusionz Entertainment.

4. The Roadside – Kenya

A story about conflict Resolution in a relationship and what other possibilities it can bring in a love triangle.
The academy Award-winning actress Lupita Nyong‘o’s make her first visit to Kenya since she received the Oscar for supporting actress in the movie “12 Years a Slave”.

5. Tobaski Fever – Gambia

Alhagie cannot afford a big ram for the family this season, he loves his wife so much. His wife threatens to end the marriage if he didn’t buy a big ram. Produced by koollife Entertainment inc.


5. The Wanderer Short  – South Africa

Maria is the daughter of a South African police legend. Her modern beliefs are challenged when she is called to investigate a murder at a rural village where the killer is supposedly non-human.The Wanderer is an AFDA 4th year graduation project. Produced by Shaun James and others.

6.  Be a King – Somali

This is a story motivational stories about the students of Africa,who are studying in India. This film was produced by the SUDAR Students & Community Org. Production, Moksha Presents & Jaimedia Studios and Owl Motion Pictures.

7. Call Me – Kenya

Will a poor young man’s dream ever come true? Produced by Ibrahim Chelang’a & Oprah Oyugi and directed by Mark Kaiyare.

8. Suicide – Nigeria

In this musical film, a troubled young man decides to take his life, but he decided to smoke one last cigarette. .Directed and produced by Karl Lion. Gradient Pictures Nigeria

9. Solitude/The Dancer Diaries – Malawi

A short film/story of a Dancer who was left alone after everybody else got raptured…He tries to find his way out of this earth. Produced By Theo Thomson. Matalala Records Production.

10. Yours Faithfully – Ghana

This is a 10 minutes short film based on Jojo, a JHS boy who misplaces his love letter in class.
wher does the beautiful,well written love letter end? YOURS FAITHFULLY.  Produced by City Films Ghana


About the Author

Ada Uzoije is a fiction novelist, specialising in  crimes, psychological thrillers and paranormal stories. Ada is also a publishing manager, film editor and a passionate film reviewer.www.adauzoije.com



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