Good Poem by Tapiwanashe Chidemo – Fly #Poetry


Time flies, so why not spread your wings and let it carry you forward

Ahead of the wind, to those who soar high, life offers a reward

Only those that are bold, are the eagles that fly high

So set your course, to concur and roam the sky

In times when weather turns overcast, you will need a friend

Great minds think alike and will see each other through to the end

Head all advice, for warning of rains comes from the swallow

And a path to your success, you will be guaranteed to burrow

Be quick to take action, only the early bird catches the worm that’s fat

Lest your actions be misguided, realise what lies ahead of you like a bat

Acknowledge when you are in err, retreat should not be something un-heard

Be wise enough to retrace your steps, fly backwards like the hummingbird

Surround yourself with success, let it brush your every feather

Birds of the same feather, are those that flock together

Appreciate others good work, this should become a culture

Don’t find gain in others failure, avoid becoming a vulture

Be grateful to your friends, when success favours you among the rest

Build a firm foundation, and in it, craft a majestic nest

Remain committed to yourself, stay true to your own lingo

Be proud of your indifferences, unique like the pink flamingo

Never forsake guidance, otherwise to the moon in regret you will howl

Listen when wisdom speaks, and you will become wise like the owl

Many a fowl may produce, until there is no room for even a leg

Be the one that stands above the rest, the one that lays that golden egg.


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