Colour Blind (poem ) by Vimbai Lole



I want to smell blue
The color that my fiancé’s girlfriend looks good in, making her lady lumps even more defined.

I want to smell blue
The color of the ink that wrote in perfect writing to tell me I was not beautiful to him but he was sure I would be an angel to someone else, (really?).

I want to smell blue
The color of the door he shut in my face after he dragged me out of our house; me screaming, begging him to stop this abuse, him all calm and soothing, telling me he never meant to hurt me.

I want to smell blue.
The color of his favorite shirt I used to wear as a dress during the long nights he travelled to see his grandmother who was always down with the flu.

God! I want to smell blue
because my eyes now refuse to acknowledge the color that embodies the death of my heart and spirit.

by Vimbai Lole


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