One On One With Bounty Lisa’s Manager


GodfreyHello Godfrey; it’s good to have you for the interview. May you please tell us your role in Zim dancehall.

Hie,thanks…my role mainly is about artists management and song writing.

How successful have you been in executing your role. Who have you managed and where have they gone under your management?

I cant say I really have achieved anything major..but i have managed to be on a different level than before..i have managed bounty Lisa..she came from being an unknown into being a household name, people appreciated her talent she made a name in a space of three months and she was a force to be reckoned with. At the moment I’m working with a close friend who is making waves in zim dance-hall Seh Calaz.

Wow, I love the humility, because those 2 are known outside Zimbabwe. Now it’s interesting to know, how old are you and have you done artist management in school?

I’m 22 years old, and no I haven’t done any artist management at school..but i can say I’m being mentored very well.

Would you like to tell us who is mentoring you? It may be helpful to aspiring managers also if given a chance to learn management in College would you take that up?

I’m being mentored by Jack Radicks. If I get the chance i will take that up. I think i need a firm. foundation, kudzidza hakupere (learning is ongoing).

That is a very good stance I see. What would you say has been the biggest milestone in your career and what would you like to see more of in Zimbabwean Dance-hall?

So far; getting a show and sharing the stage with Tony Rebel is the biggest. I would like to see more of big shows,more radio airplay and our videos being played regularly on TV.

That’s quite a milestone. What was your reaction when you heard you’d share the stage with a legend?

At first I thought we were going to sing in the afternoon, way before the main act because the poster had many big names, so I thought, “haaa we are one of those early performers.” (Laughs).But wen i saw the program my heart skipped a beat because there were 2 slots between us and Tony Rebel.

That must have been an experience for you. So who are your greats in music as a whole. Besides dance-hall who else is on your playlist?

IMG-20131125-WA0001It was a great experience. My greats in music locally it must be Major E . Internationally its Vbyz Kartel. My playlist besides dance-hall is dominated by rap n hip hop. I’m a Meek Mill and Lil Wayne fan.

The ladies out there may be targeting you by now. Anything you’d like to tell them about your relationship status.

(Laughing) All I can say is I’m not married yet.

So if you have a child Godfrey would you like them to follow your career too?

I wouldn’t really want them to follow (me), but I would be proud if they start their own paths and achieve more, I call it career diversity in a family.

As an upcoming role model, what positive change do you want to inflict on your community?

I am disseminating and influencing positive behaviour among youths from local up to national level, awareness on drug abuse Encouraging youths to abstain from all sorts of bad behavior through music.



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