Rhyme Assasin and P.O.Y take Bulawayo by storm

Rapper Rhyme Assasin on stage

In the recent past weeks, rapper Rhyme Assasin descended upon the city and performed at the Lounge to a considerably large crowd.


Before he took to the stage, the rap outfit K.L.A.P (Kasi Lami Arts Project) stormed the stage  in a series of scintillating clever rhyme schemes punctuated by venomous vernacular punchlines much to the pleasure of the crowd. P2DaOh can be seen in the picture above strutting his stuff.



FemCee Lady Thug  went behind the mic as well, belting out a catchy verse and representing the ladies.



K.L.A.P member laces his verse during the performance


Moments before the storm  erupted on stage




Colourful rapper Proud of You (P.O.Y) also took to the stage to support his friend and displayed an exceptionally energetic performance that got the crowd into a frenzy.


Branded Zimbabwe’s #HipHopAmbassador, Rhyme Assasin belted out over 4 tracks  with T9yce.

It was evident that hip hop is alive in the city as the K.L.A.P clique also filled the stage to perform their tracks after Beezy Raps his single recital of “Twerk”. Pictures courtesy of Ernest Mackina of ZimLink.


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