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Join the Family

Zim link is looking for:

– Photographers – Editors –

– researchers – Managers –

– camera operators – Writers –

– Internet Techs – Graphic disigners –

– July 13:00 –

-Black Rock Bar and Grill-

– Borrowdale – Harare –

Not for profit organisation, All roles are voluntary and open to any age race sex religion or educational level, Zim Link is open to everyone.

Full or part time positions available.

We are an international company based in the UK with the Editor in chief based in Zimbabwe. Zimlink would like you to become part of the journey in shaping the world we live in. Come and join us to find out more !!


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The Zimlink team is made of of people from all over Zimbabwe and the UK, professional non – professional alike. Zimlinks main objective is opening a dialogue between Zimbabwe and the rest world through media. We will provide laptops, cameras and training in an on-going project in Zimbabwe, to spread to other countries once the model in Zimbabwe is tried and proven. We have an online magazine, online channel & website with both UK and Zimbabwean editors with teams providing an open form for dialogue.


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