Thousands of Festival goers of all ages and cultures including myself geared up Last weekend to attend this years annual Zimfest 2013 @ Homelanz, Saturday 10 August.


On behalf of Zimlink(a non profit organisation), I got up close and personal with Zimfest, Hosted at Boston Manor Park, Middlesex and what it had to offer from stall holders, Artists and the people who make the festival, YOU!

So What’s Zimfest all about? An event fuelled by Charity and fundraising originally in the name of Zimbabwe has swept across the UK involving many Countries who are all about embracing and celebrating culture, whilst raising awareness and money for other needs.


Established in 2001 by a group of UK based Zimbabweans from all walks of life, coming together to help build a better Zimbabwe from the UK, starting out with just 700 people at there first event in Wandsorth, South East London, Zimfest has swept the nation getting bigger and better every year.


This year being my first, my initial reaction was actually “how extraordinary yet amazing”, when I heard Zimfest I automatically thought hundreds or maybe thousands of Zimbabweans and people of similar culture celebrating the Zim culture with song, dance and food, however on arrival I was greeted by this music from today’s young rockers and a crowd that was mixed with various cultures, races and ages, I was astonished but somewhat delighted that people from all over the world could come and be harmonious in one place.


Speaking with Victor Makaranga, 26 of Mzansi Products
who remarked ” Zimfest is a learning curve for me, being my first time! but so far so good”

Mzansi Products- a platform created for anyone proposing African products to showcase them with Mzansi who sell them at leading events, a gap in the market recognised by Victor forced him to grab it with both hands an excel, operating since 2012 Mzansi is growing steadily and is building towards a future of consultancy in raising awareness about African values and also marketing for African events.
We here at Zimlink wish Victor and Mzansi products every success in the future.



We caught up with Tania Beasley, representing The New Zealand Society

The New Zealand Society provides opportunities for people with an interest in New Zealand who reside in the United Kingdom to meet socially, a non profit organization which has been operating since 1927 has contributed so much to the New Zealand and UK Society including raising money for a New Zealand Para-Olympian to come over and take part in the Olympics.
With a growing membership and network the New Zealand Society are aiming to continue supporting the New Zealand Life in the UK getting bigger every year.

Speaking on Zimfest Tania Says ” Zimfest is a fantastic collaboration of people, music and food and it’s a celebration of multi culture I just think its absolutely fantastic”.



Representatives from Western Union, were also apart of the action at this years Zimfest capturing many with their I HEART ZIM t-shirts and various other goodies along with the promotion of sending money to Zimbabwe for as little as £2.90, providing you with a secure and fast option of sending money back to Zim and other countries of your choice.


An artist to grace Zimfest with her presence, Pearl Natasha- Based in the UK, Natasha brings a fresh, clean and crisp beauty to the world of Pop.
With roots in modeling and the winner of many a pageant, Natasha writes her own music which is a combination of many styles and genres, with an album set to drop this autumn, Natasha will also be gearing up to tour. Her 4th year at Zimfest she say’s ” it’s a kind event, and it’s progressing, I’m always happy to be here”

Now we hear from you…

Marley, 32, From Brixton Says ” I’m a first timer here at Zimfest, my first impression is that It’s proper! I wish I came with my Mrs it’s a nice vibe!!” When asked about possible improvements for future ZimFest’s Marley said ” the price definitely is to high, I had friends that wanted to attend but couldn’t, I’d say maximum £20.00 that would probably be the only thing”.

Jan,21 From Bournemouth Says ” this is my first year at Zimfest, I really like it, I think it’s reasonably priced and ill definitely be back next year”

Samantha 17 is currently a finalist for Miss Zimbabwe UK 2013, Working for Zim Entertainment this year at Zimfest said ” Zimfest used to be an event that celebrates Zimbabwe, while it’s still good it no longer celebrates Zimbabwe”
When Asked; ” Do you think ticket pricing for the event Is reasonable?” Sam replied ” the price is ridiculous, to sit in a park is absurd”.

We would like to wish Sam all the best in her Miss Zimbabwe UK contest.

We hear at Zimlink, like many of the Business/Charity’s at Zimfest are focused on building a better place back home in Zimbabwe, capturing as many hearts as possible at Zimfest, promoting a problem with a solution that we all can help fix just by donating maybe your time, equipment or money.
We were delighted to be apart of a fantastic event and look forward to doing the same next year, but with development and results for all to see and to continue building.



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