Leadership To Make Others Better

The life of a leader as a servant and not a boss

There have been many theories put on the table when it comes to leadership principles and how one should lead. One speaker once said, “to be a leader at times is not a choice but it’s our DNA,” there are two groups of leaders, – one learns and choose to be a leader – two some are born with leadership in their blood .as there are many theories in regards to leadership, I would want to add this to say, leadership is all about going out of your way to empower others to become successful . In most cases to make them better people or leaders as to reach to a pint of standing on their own.

Leadership is about laying the ground work for others success, then stand back and letting them shine.

Chris Hardfield

your work is for you to inspire each memberr to win it for themselves contributing to the team's overall uccess
motivate your team to do it for themselves, not you
Never come to a point to think that when you are a leader you are the boss of your followers or subordinates but rather a servant is what you are. If we get to understand this, we will have leaders of great impact and be better leaders ever.  You have to step up your game so that you take your followers to their respective desired destinations in life. Once you find yourself in a position leading in life be sure to yourself out to improve yourself more while improving those that are under you to become empowered and become self-dependent.
 Your success as a leader is not measured in what you accomplished on your own but how managed to lead those who you were leading to achieve results. Being the leader in a team doesn’t make you the super star, do all you can to embrace each member to feel part of the bigger team to have a collective success – value of sharing. I have to a point of leading a team which had its hope lost and buried, to an extent of seeing any chances of making it. The hardest thing is to motivate yourself as a leader to become a source of inspiration to the whole group. As a leader you then have to go down to deepest part of yourself to find that which you can put in front to motivate the team. So if you see all these things I am talking about it all reflects you as the man behind the scenes, a servant to your followers as to serve them to become the best at the end of the day.
be a leader to see others be successful
be a leader for the team’s success
With my work a Family counselor, at one given time I came to realise the greatest satisfaction as a leader is to be a backstage superstar. If we watch a movie or theatre production we get to enjoy the play and the actors so much and we think they are the real superstars, yes we think they are the superstars and obviously they get public recognition. Though personal I would give my credit to the ones who work behind the scenes, for me they are the ones which really represent the kind of leader we should have in our society, those that there to serve the people and let others shine there is no greater person who is so much proud at yourself when you see someone shinning because of the input you put without the world knowing.
The greatest accolade you can ever receive is seeing your follower make more impact and progress in life by being their backstage superstar hero who was leading the all along to let them shine on their own.




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