Zimbabwean Christian Rapper Dexter Baysiq’s Celebration


It’s so unusual to come across a positive young rapper. In an era where almost all music supports moral decay that’s like finding a phone booth that still works in Zimbabwe. Dexter Baysiq is representing the values of his spirituality.

Christian Rap used to be deemed unorthodox but with the rise of movements like The Cross Movement in America it began to spread out and people realized it was okay. In Zimbabwe, the first thing that would come to my mind when you speak of Gospel is a guy in a park with women in suits, him in a shiny oversized one pointing to the sky in a cliche dance. It couldn’t hit me till I heard the sound of Lecrae. Years down the line here’s a rising King. He is not in a silver suit, he does have a female vocal in the background. I can bump to it… the song I got first is called Celebration. It is wonderful; the young man is coming up in the Lord.

Dexter has been performing in front of church audience and is building his portfolio bit by bit.  of course if he ever gets bigger, nay say will rise and people will act like he did not work hard to get there. Always refer back to this article.

He dropped a mixtape sometime ago and we hope it’s not for his own glory. Glory is magnetic when you’re talented you know. At least for once someone is trying to undo the impact of all those mainstream songs that glorify sin. Dexter keep moving and keep doing what you do never give up. Especially after going as far, you inspired me. You have that aggressiveness in your tone I still believe your lyricism can get better and better but right now it’s good enough for me. I’ve learnt a lot about the God you trust in your music and I encourage anyone reading this regardless of spirituality to give this boy a chance. He has something worthy to say. Much blessings.

Get the download her…. http://t.co/v1acdtmY8u

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