Hip hop Artist – Savage – Ghetto Stars (Hip-hop Song)


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savageWhenever I’m about to lose hope and say Hip-hop is dead. There’s always a link I stumble upon that makes me realize there is hope in our growing industry.  The mainstream is basically dead to me, but I recognize people that stick to lyricism and other elements of our early culture. I couldn’t stop nodding my head whilst listening to Savage’s Ghetto Stars.

The song is a narrative about a young thug and I actually love it. I usually don’t like Zimbabwean rap music that highlights gun violence but also hip-hop is a creative tool to narrate possible realities. The song basically talks about a good young guy who had dreams to achieve great things but consumed by ghetto ills when his parents died. The guy turns into gangsterism and lives by the gun, robs and kills in order to get by. He is caught up in drugs, violence and sex in the whole process. However the rapper explains how the guy can be much more as an individual, within the last verse and calls upon him to shine like a true Ghetto Star and spread love and peace like he was destined to. In a capsule this is what Savage’s concept is. The video was shot in Southerton with Cuffybeats, the director and editor at Legendary Africa productions.

The 27 year old rap artist year old started off with a hook when he was freestyling to a beat from Mobb Fingaz which he didn’t record at the time. However he created lyrics to the rest of the song on heard a Gwagz beat at G-Records, where he regularly goes to drop hot bars. Some of the lyrics within first and second verse were lyrics he wrote up in 2006. Savage has been in Hip-hop for a while. His first stage appearance was in 1998 when he rapped All about the Benjamins by P.Diddy, B.I.G, Lil Kim and The Lox. He wrote his first raps in 1998 when his father died and he has never stopped since.

A great thing to note is, Savage has a degree in English and Communication and also knows Literature and Journalism. This has helped him construct good hip-hop stories. You can follow through the story without getting lost. http://www.mediafire.com/listen/3jnc4a41zhhrk7a/Ghetto+Stars.mp3

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