Black History Month


The official Black History Month has now passed but life will never stop presenting us with events to document as part of our history. Tony Tokunbo Eteka Fernandez’s mission has always been to remind the entire community to take ownership of our stories, in order to preserve African legacy and heritage.

On the 30th October, along with Zimlink’s founder- Zac Darkes, both men used their organisations and respected positions, within the community, to produce the second edition of this historic event at London’s Houses of Parliament.


During the course of the morning, the essence of ‘storytelling’ and celebrating history continued, as delegates senses were further ignited by informative talks from speakers, who revealed new discoveries and essential aspects of Black History, whilst reminding each and every person to always carry within their hearts, the legacies created by our great heroes. 


Jacqueline Wabara’s speech revealed some personal reference to her own life in order to share how her journey towards creating her organisation; the Miss Nubian Foundation which promotes heritage and unity amongst females of colour has now become a part of history. Jacqueline intends to continue her mission to inspire many more young women to create their own history by joining her legacy.

parliment tony

even included a cinematic documentary screening to reveal to delegates, that this global organisation- ZImlink;  are not only striving to create unity, but also to remind us that there is more to us as a people, than the legacy of slavery. Zac Darkes also went into depth about Zimlink’s aims for future development and the establishment of links across Africa.



Much in the way that many group associations were formed in response to civil war, apartheid and slavery, to re-establish unity and create peace, Zac Darkes, along with Zimlink manager– Simba Chioto, are bringing this ethos back to life. Both of their speeches were breath taking.


This annual event is an inspiration to the entire community. By creating this event, Tony Tokunbo Eteka Fernandez has not only raised the bar in how we celebrate Black History Month, as a community, but he has also highlighted the distinct differences between success and extreme success. He is well known for his positive morale and abilities in maintaining ‘Community spirit’ and this was felt throughout his event, as each delegate walked away having danced, laughed and celebrated a renewed sense of unity. Tony’s annual Black History Month event, succeeds in elevating the mindsets of attendees because it ignites the pride within everybody! 

From today, when we think of those great successful leaders and what they went through on their journey, we must not forget to give thanks for their perseverance despite suffering extreme injustice and trauma. For if they had not endured those great levels of horror and made the crucial choices they did, then none of us would be where we are today!



AUTHOR Nasilele Ailola



As well as being a gifted writer for various platforms and her own online magazine;( NVLife Mag) Mag), Nasilele is also a Holistic Marketing, PR and Social Media Expert. This lady with a big heart is a keen advocate for great causes such as mental illness, gender abuse and many other causes which lie close to her heart. Her organisation Holistic Visions, has a mission to bring awareness and put holistic sector, health, wellness brands and charitable organisations on the map, as well promote their life changing services, products and events. To find out more about Nasilele, or read more of her written works, visit her website








  1. I had an awesome day covering the event, as well as listening to all the great speakers. Thanks so much Tony, for putting this together. MASSIVE KUDOS TO YOU!


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