Copy And Paste Journalism On The Rise


Copy And Paste

The information technology age has made it easier for people to copy and paste works then regard it as their own. There is a lot of plagiarism lately even on big news blogs, in university assignments and newspapers. A lot of people knowing the web is wide will simply copy and paste content from another site without the full rights of the author and without accrediting them. I call them CRAP (Copy Rewrite And Post) journalists.

Plagiarism is a criminal offense. It discourages research and promotes laziness to think of new ideas. It is not wrong to go on google search and research a topic but what is wrong is to copy that information as it is and paste into ones blog as your own. A lot of men and women have since become copy and paste journalists.  They wait for the real journalists

Students get assignments and paste answers from forums of their subject also hoping the lecturer had not come across that particular answer in that particular forum.  This creates a problem where we cap people who have insufficient knowledge in their field. Likewise the lecturers plagiarize questions from website which the students would have long searched, in the end undeserving people pass and get capped. The real test comes when they cannot apply knowledge. According to one report by The Guardian, the number of schools using plagiarism detecting software to catch A-levels is on the rise in western countries. I think it’s about time we start using these software too or our education system will suffer. The quality of our professionals is compromised. to create the stories before they go to the sites and copy the information to their sites hoping of course that their readership has not seen the same story where they took it. The bottom line is you were not called to be writers, try other things, unless of cause your calling is to be a CRAP journalist in which case you are doing quite well.

Google’s Panda algorithm penalizes for duplicate content because they are in a constant move to promote quality content.  They would like their first page results to be from rich websites that provide their users quality. I applaud them for that effort. They have really worked a milestone. Any content creator knows how it feels when someone just copies and pastes your hard work. We as Zim Link are very strict on original content, we prefer to give you one blog post a week if are out of creative ideas. We encourage any of our readers that may be engaged in such embarrassing practices to refrain from them.

Enjoy content creation; you may share more ideas on what needs to be done on this topic in the comments section. You are allowed to oppose the writers opinion.

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