“We Are Going In circles” – DJ Krimz speaks On Music Industry… Again


For an industry that spans decades on end and crosses into various genres of music that keeps it alive and striving..genres that include, Mbira(Traditional Music), Jazz, Sungura, Kanindo to mention but a few. Some of these genres mentioned have excelled across boarders and have produced some of the biggest names in our industry right now. Now its not these genres that are a concern and the subject of this article but new genres like Dancehall, RnB and Hip Hop.

Now we are coming a long way with all these genres from the Urban Grooves revolution which saw the rise of recognisable names like, Roki Josphats, Stunner, Exq, Maskiri etc.

It is through going over all these changes that one starts to wonder why in all these years there has never been considerable change in our industry and why in these genres we have never really managed to make an impact anyway else besides our own backyard.

Let me break it down for you like this in one line.

‘We are going in circles’

The tale of a typical hitmaker in Zimbabwe is the same. One makes it to the top and forgets where they are coming from and finds themeselves a comfortable zone where they close themselves up with their close associates and shut the rest of the industry out until they run out of ideas and material and then the masses forces them out and make way for yet another element to come and do the same again. Get It!
Our industry has been surviving on such ever since and this however doesnt get us nowhere.

We have seen too many artists come up and go down the same way and right now we are saying we are tired of this rotation and its time somebody worth their salt come in with entirely the whole industry at heart.

This doesnt apply to artists only but across all instituations responsible for the upbringing of the arts.

From wack videos to wack album concepts, from wack award ceremonies to wack live shows…ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Now the whole industry crying that we aint getting enough corporate backing. That major business brands aint chipping in but i am saying can you really sit down at home and think of one or two tracks, get them to radio and make a name out of it….and you sit back and say Econet see me now i am famous….give me that brand ambassador money….like seriously!

Now a corporate will never look back at such nonsense. We need to make our own corporates. We need to make our own money first and then corporates will look and say ‘Hey but i can invest in music there is actually money to be made there!’

Now there is a lot of talented youngsters coming. Youngster that can bring in a refreshing new touch to things like Award Ceremonies….on the creative side….I have had a chance to meet some talented Videographers out there, Some talent event managers and designers…..Young talent that can change the whole face of this industry and give it a face that suits the rest of the modern industry setups around the world….

We need radio stations that are not biased to any minority of the industry….there just aint enough radio stations out here and it is up to us the artists to advocate for that….

Now as far as the quality of the sound of our productions is concerned….There is no way an industry can survive on one particular sound! Thats a No No! This is a disease thats ripping the whole industry apart especially with the Dancehall and Hip Hop genres. We are suffering on creativity because if you dont a track like the current hit song you aint doing anything! This is a disease that has crossed even to the Dj decks on radio stations.

Overally our industry has got more problems to it that it will be ridiculous for me to note all of them at once but one thing i am sure of is as of now we need a change to systems, We need a change in certain mentalities, We need a change in the whole industry!

Its time that we made this industry free for any talented persons out there for them to have their chances to innovate also

An industry is people driven and has all artists playing a part in it!

So nomatter which ever clique or position you claim to represent and hold in this industry to me its irrellevant because really we dont have an industry!

But we can have one and it starts today…WITH YOU




By Dj Krimz Beatz

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