Zimbabwean National Anthem : Article by Sharky (with audio)


Are you Zimbabwean? – Yes.

Are you PROUD to be Zimbabwean? – YES!

Okay. Do you know the Zimbabwe National Anthem by heart? – Err…  :/

Please sing it for me.-       -_-

So I went around my workplace asking people if they knew the words of the Zimbabwe National Anthem by heart and if they would sing it for me. Dear people, what I heard was appalling. Lots of Zimbabweans do not even know the national anthem. How does that happen though? I remember back in primary and then later on high school, we would sing our hearts out at assembly, savoring every moment too. That’s how everybody got to learn the words, and I’m sure Zimbabwean schools still do that. However, after a person leaves school, and they are no longer forced to sing at assemblies or any other school function, the words slowly fade from memory, and the national anthem ceases to be meaningful to them. The words are not just random words, they carry a historic meaning.  It symbolizes the history, traditions, struggles and freedom of the people of Zimbabwe.


After gaining independence from Britain in 1980, Zimbabwe was using “Ishe Komborera Africa” as the national anthem. A competition was held in 1994 to replace the song with a uniquely Zimbabwean song.  The winning entry in that competition was a song written by Solomon Mutswairo and composed by Fred Changundega. The song has since been translated into all 3 main languages of Zimbabwe and it goes by the names “Blessed Be The Land of Zimbabwe”, “Simudzai Mureza Wedu weZimbabwe” and  “Kalibusiswe ilizwe leZimbabwe” in English, Shona and Ndebele respectively. It is played on national television every day just before the 6am news and also at national functions such as special commemorations and even sporting events.  It’s a pity though, some sporting people mumble their way through the national anthem when it is played at the sporting events, especially the soccer players.

So if you are one of those who do not know the national anthem, do take time to read it here and memorize it. I typed it out especially for you. Also take time to download and practice singing on the instrumental provided together with this article. You’re welcome. Be Zimbabwean and be proud. Know your national anthem, instead of knowing every word to some stupid rap song, here is something that is actually worth knowing. Enjoy.  😉







Simudzai mureza wedu weZimbabwe

Yakazvarwa nemoto wechimurenga;

Neropa zhinji ramagamba

Tiidzivirire kumhandu dzose;

Ngaikomborerwe nyika yeZimbabwe.


Tarisai Zimbabwe nyika yakashongedzwa

Namakomo, nehova, zvinoyevedza

Mvura ngainaye, minda ipe mbesa

Vashandi vatuswe, ruzhinji rugutswe;

Ngaikomborerwe nyika yeZimbabwe.


Mwari ropafadzai nyika yeZimbabwe

Nyika yamadzitateguru edu tose;

Kubva Zambezi kusvika Limpopo,

Navatungamiri vave nenduramo;

Ngaikomborerwe nyika yeZimbabwe.
















             Phakamisan iflegi yethu yeZimbabwe

Eyazalwa yimpi yenkululeko;

Legaz’ elinengi lamaqhawe ethu

Silivikele ezithan izonke;

Kalibusisiwe ilizwe leZimbabwe.


Khangelan’ iZimbabwe yon’ ihlotshiwe

Ngezintaba lang’ miful’ ebukekayo,

Izulu kaline, izilimo zande;

Iz’ sebenzi zenam’, abantu basuthe;

Kalibusisiwe ilizwe leZimbabwe.

Nkosi busis’ ilizwe lethu leZimbabwe

Ilizwe labokhokho bethu thina sonke;

Kusuk’ eZambezi kusiy’ eLimpopo

Abakhokheli babe lobuqotho

Kalibusisiwe ilizwe leZimbabwe






Oh lift high the banner, the flag of Zimbabwe

The symbol of freedom proclaiming victory

We praise our heroes’ sacrifice,

And vow to keep our land from foes;

And may the Almighty protect and bless our land



Oh lovely Zimbabwe, so wondrously adorned

With mountains, and rivers cascading, flowing free;

May rain abound, and fertile fields;

May we be fed, our labour blessed;

And may the Almighty protect and bless our land.


Oh God, we beseech Thee to bless our native land;

The land of our fathers bestowed upon us all;

From Zambezi to Limpopo

May leaders be exemplary;

And may the Almighty protect and bless our land.


(with information from Wikipedia)





By Marshall “Sharky” Muchenje

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